via Hamilton Headlines – Hamilton, NJ: 8.14.2017 The following statement is from Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede:

Without advanced notice, we have learned today about the Trenton Water Works letter that residents are already receiving in the mail regarding lead in drinking water.

I want our residents to know that we are taking action to gather further details so that you can be better informed.

Our Township Health Officer has already contacted the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for additional information.  So far, our Health Officer has been informed that 17 sites serviced by Trenton Water Works were found to have elevated levels of lead in water tests.  We do not know at this time if any of the sites with elevated lead levels were located in Hamilton.  However, the number of sites with elevated levels required that this notification to be sent to every Trenton Water Works customer.

We will continue working to provide our residents with additional information as soon as possible.

The Trenton Water Works is a municipal utility owned and operated by the City of Trenton. The Trenton Water Works provides water to the City of Trenton and parts of Hamilton, Ewing, Lawrence and Hopewell Townships.