Trenton, NJ: Governor-elect Phil Murphy released the following statement after his conference call with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and California Governor Jerry Brown in opposition to the federal GOP tax plan:

“I thank Governors Cuomo and Brown for their leadership in fighting back against this tax scam that would hurt our residents and decimate our state economies. By speaking with one voice in opposition, we speak with the power of nearly 68 million Americans.

“We cannot sugarcoat this. What the President, Senate, and House are attempting to do will hurt millions of New Jersey families and saddle the next generation with a trillion dollars in new debt. It will hurt middle-class families and many more who aspire to the middle class. It will hurt graduates struggling to get out from under the burden of student debt.

“While we will continue to lobby our respective Congressional delegations, and urge our residents to call their representatives, our fight will not end should this misguided tax plan become law. We continue to explore all potential options, including legal action, to protect our states and our taxpayers. We will not allow our residents to be taken advantage of in the name of politics.”