Trenton, NJ: There’s been a shakeup in the Assembly. Tim Eustace will no longer be Chair of the Assembly Environment Committee. Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin will take the position. There’s also a new committee on Science and Technology to be chaired by Andrew Zwicker. New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel released the following statement:

“As Chair of the environment committee, Tim Eustace has been a real champion. We are sorry to see him not be reappointed as he’s been one of our strongest advocates for the environment. From climate change and clean water, to protecting the Highlands and stopping oil trains, he has sponsored almost every major piece of environmental legislation and helped to move it through committee. We were looking forward to working with him as Chair this year since Murphy will be Governor and is more likely to sign those bills.

“This year we are looking forward to working with Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker on the new Science and Technology Committee. This committee could help us move renewable energy forward and deal with climate change. Assemblyman Zwicker has become an environmental champion in the Legislature. His background and knowledge as a scientist and has been instrumental in advancing clean energy. He has helped move NJ forward with electric vehicles, clean energy, and environmental protections such as clean air, clean water, and open space.

“We also look forward to working with the new chair of the Environment Committee, Assemblywoman Pinkin. She’s a Sierra Club life member and we have endorsed her in past elections. We have a lot of pent up demand for environmental bills now that Christie’s gone, from recycling to clean water. We are enthused about being able to work together to get things done for New Jersey’s environment. We believe that together we can work with these committees, and Speaker Coughlin, to push Phil Murphy’s agenda for clean energy and environmental protections.”