Trenton, NJ: 2.14.2018 – The Capitol Complex Crow family has been flying and living in the trees of downtown Trenton for decades. Outlasting any politician under the golden dome, crows have feed since the 1980s at the nearby Grows Landfill just across the Delaware River, while living in surrounding neighborhood Trenton trees.

This February the government USDA has deemed it necessary to disperse the birds using gunshot sounds. Hopefully this will not disrupt the BALD EAGLES that fly over and feed in the Delaware River.

The State of New Jersey Fish Game and Wildlife repopulated Bald Eagles in the late 1980’s. The baby birds were taken from nests in Manitoba Canada to Divided Creek in Cumberland County NJ along the Delaware River. The repopulation program was a success and Bald Eagles have multiple nesting areas along the Delaware River. View First Place 1986 New Jersey Press Association Picture Story titled “Bringing Back the Bald Eagles” by Stanley Brick photographer for UPI and The Times of Trenton.